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Is New Year 2021 Also doomed with CORONA?

We were not yet recovered from the previous strain that the new corona strain has come. As a result of mutation new Corona virus has come. New strain from UK has reached India.

As per Health Department it is observed that the New Corona variant is not affecting lung as severely as the previous strain rather it's causing extrapulmonary symptoms which includes fever, malaise, myalgia, diarrhoea etc.

Until vaccine is introduced here is what we can do to prevent it:

  1. Wear mask.

  2. Wash hands with soap and water and maintain hygiene.

  3. Avoid Gathering in closed spaces.

  4. Maintain social distancing.

  5. Do not panic.

  6. Seek doctor's help if symptomatic.

We all know these precautions already, what we need is to follow them.

Umpteen Aspires wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year!💐

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